image of CDC Data Centre, Hume Campus Two

Credit: Canberra Data Centres

CDC Data Centre, Hume Campus Two


Door Package

  • Builder: Hindmarsh

  • Role: Door Package

  • Location: Hume, ACT

  • Budget: N/A

  • Extent: Supply and installation of doors, frames and hardware.

  • Project Completion Date: 2023

CDC operates two campuses in Hume, with Hume Campus Two (H4 and H5) delivering a total of 51Mw of data centre infrastructure to support customer requirements.

Sense specialist expertise:

Door Package Supply: Supply of scheduled frames, doors and associated hardware, including security doors, fire doors, solid core doors and security hardware.

Door Package Installation: Installation of frames, doors and associated hardware.

Grout Injection: Our team were responsible for the precise installation and grout injection of metal door frames throughout the shells- ensuring fire ration compliance throughout the project.

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