image of The George Centre: Maternity, Surgical & Paediatric Hospital

Credit: The George Centre

The George Centre: Maternity, Surgical & Paediatric Hospital


Concrete Repair and Remediation

  • Builder: Buildcorp

  • Role: Concrete Repair and Remediation

  • Location: Gregory Hills

  • Budget: $100 Million

  • Extent: Concrete remediation, grout injection

  • Project Completion Date: Scheduled to open June 2023

The George Centre was created to accommodate the greater healthcare needs of the growing local community. The facility will enable a holistic patient focused service with specialist doctors, allied health professionals and other clinicians. The George Centre will specialise in day and short stay surgeries and will be the first private paediatric-focused healthcare facility in NSW.

The design of the George Centre encompasses natural light and comprises of large garden areas. The private facility comprises of a 26-bed private maternity unit with the latest technology and finishes, two specialist endoscopy suites, five operating theatres and a paediatric ward. Additional services include medical imaging, pathology, and an on-site pharmacy.

Sense specialist expertise:

Concrete remediation: Sense experts cut in and chased concrete to allow for new U bars to be precisly installed and welded, providing additional structural integrity. Openings were then grout injected to meet earthquake requirements.

Grout injection: Penetration infills and pan repairs throughout carpark were formed and grout injected to meet stuctural requirements.

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