image of 1 Denison North Sydney

Credit: Artist's Impression - Multiplex

1 Denison North Sydney


Concrete Remediation and Strengthening

  • Builder: Multiplex

  • Role: Concrete Remediation and Strengthening

  • Location: 1 Denison Street, North Sydney

  • Budget: $350 million (total precinct)

  • Extent: Concrete Repair, Carbon Fibre Repair

  • Project Completion Date: 2020

'1 Denison is unique in North Sydney’s commercial office landscape, delivering campus-sized floor plates adjacent to unparalleled rail, road, ferry and support services.

1 Denison offers a competitive office solution providing efficiencies, convenience, affordability and corporate image, all of which are essential for attracting and maintaining quality staff and a healthy bottom line.'

- Winten Property Group.

Sense specialist expertise:

Carbon Fibre: After an assessment of the area, Sense was able to provide a custom solution to reinforce the structural integrity of the building. Using carbon fibre, trenches were cut into the concrete of the basement and carbon fibre was placed and secured to provide additional strength.

Concrete Cutting: Due to jumps in the formwork, the lift shafts were inoperable as the lift body hit the face of the lift shaft. Sense specialists worked in the shaft to trim concrete from the face, ensuring the smooth functioning of the lift.

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