image of Ace Hotel, Sydney

Credit: Ace Hotel Sydney

Ace Hotel, Sydney



  • Builder: Hickory

  • Role: Grouting

  • Location: Surry Hills, Sydney

  • Budget: $350 million

  • Extent: Grouting door frames for fire ration

  • Project Completion Date: May, 2022

Ace Hotel Sydney is housed in the notable ‘Tyne House.’ This heritage warehouse was built in 1915-1916 and is the site of the oldest known ceramic kiln in Australia. The Ace Hotel is comprised of 19 storeys consisting of 264 guest rooms, back of house kitchen and staff amenities, restaurant and café, a rooftop bar, and a ground floor lobby bar. The history of Surry Hills is noted throughout the unique craftmanship with the furnishings, artworks, and interior details such as the warm, cinematic colour pallet that reflects the Australian Landscape.

Sense specialist expertise:

Grout Injection: Our team were responsible for the precise installation and grout injection of metal door frames throughout the building, ensuring fire ration compliance.

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